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  • John Littlefield
    John Littlefield
    a year ago

    The Clubhouse for me was an unimpressive Smokey dingy dive. I went there to see a live artist playing, only to be told it was going to happen after load shedding (2 hours later) as they did not have a generator only a blue LED light around the bar counter and a light above the pool table. There is no separation between smokers to non-smokers; from what I could tell, most clients were smokers. I only stayed half an hour as I could not bear the smoke. My clothes stank of smoke only about half an hour in the place. The facts, they have a full bar but very limited meal selection to around 3-4 meal selections (photo attached). No vegetarian meals were obvious. The place is divided into 2 sections: the main bar in the front, the pool table, and a rustic seating place, a corrugated structure where the live band plays. Service was not present, and I gather if you want anything, you go to the bar and order. There is plenty of parking as it is in a square with other businesses around, but at night, it looks like mainly the club uses it. Not Child friendly. It is wheelchair accessible and parking for the disabled was present.

  • MJ Van Staden
    MJ Van Staden
    a month ago

    The new menu is an absolute winner, unbeatable flavour and price a must try!

  • Said Wehiliye
    Said Wehiliye
    3 weeks ago

    Excellent thank you for letting me know

  • Annalie Jacobs
    Annalie Jacobs
    a year ago

    Not my scene. You need to sit next to the warm oil where food are prepared and building have no windows or airflow.

  • Jonathan Taljaard
    Jonathan Taljaard
    a year ago

    Love the place. Friendly bar ladies. Great atmosphere too. Great service. Good food.